General, Tips / 20 May 2020
The Easiest Way to Get Past a “Gatekeeper”?
Unique lemon box packaging

Send something out of the ordinary to the person with whom you want to speak. If it’s unique enough, the gatekeeper will be forced to pass it along. In turn, when you call, you’ll be remembered and then connected.

Taking this thought to heart, Hornsby Brand Design created a unique packaging idea in order to cut through the clutter of ho-hum direct mail with a first-contact piece specifically designed to speak to and inspire a very targeted prospect. Our lemon-box idea was based on the old cliché of turning lemons into lemonade by suggesting we can take a potentially challenging market situation and turn it into something sweet and profitable. The actual packaging included an old rustic box, three real lemons, a personal letter printed on hand-tea-stained paper, and authentic pine-wood shavings to ensure its safe arrival. Then lastly, all the contents were sealed with a custom label that included the client’s specialty and logo. Needless to say we got the connection we wanted. Hornsby Brand Design – For proven break-through ideas.

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