Branding, Strategy / 17 Mar 2021
Are You Cultivating Your Brand?
brand cultivation

Your business is a living organism. Successful businesses grow and adapt to their changing environments. Ditto your brand. We call this brand cultivation. Good branding lives, breathes, and is humanized. It’s cultivated through the growth process.

Like a person, a brand is deeper than appearances and moods. It carries a sense of reputation, apart from its “look.” A living brand is a pattern of behavior that grows out of character, not a stylistic veneer. If a brand does not project a sense of humanity and depth, it loses believability. But when the company’s external actions align with its internal culture, the brand resonates with authenticity. So ask yourself this simple question: “Does your company’s behavior match your company’s image?” If not, put your hand to the plow.

Develop a brand education program that engages all employees and helps them stay on the same page. And since branding is a cultivating process that can be studied, analyzed, and managed, it’s the CBO’s job to disseminate his/her brand knowledge to every collaborator.

Living brands should live throughout a company, not just in the marketing department. Therefore, no decision in any department should ever be made without first asking, “Will it help or hurt the brand?”

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