Posts by: Bridget Hornsby

Are You Cultivating Your Brand?
17 Mar 2021

Your business is a living organism. Successful businesses grow and adapt to their changing environments. Ditto your brand. We call this brand cultivation.

Arrest Your Audience
15 Feb 2021

No, not with handcuffs and a badge, but with simple, compelling images—the critical first step towards meaningful engagement.

Dead Armadillos
29 Sep 2020

There are so many brands, so many choices, so many claims, so much clutter. It’s not good enough anymore to be “pretty good” at everything. You have to be the MOST of something.

Think different. See what happens.
15 Sep 2020

Do kindergartners have more imagination and creativity than college students? Find out what one professor discovered.

Top 5 Most Trusted Buying Sources
02 Sep 2020

Where do people go for an informed buying decision? Read the top five answers.

Focus. Focus. Focus.
17 Jun 2020

Focus is the foundational principle of branding. Without it, generalities distract, distort, and discredit your brand. Find out five ways to develop the clarity you need to focus your brand message.

Dartmouth College and Conan O’Brien
23 May 2020

Check out this oldie but goodie inspiring commencement speech made to Dartmouth College graduates by famed comedian, Conan O’Brien. Delivered in the humor that only O’Brien possesses, he stated, “Your path at 22 will not necessarily be your path at 32 or 42. One’s dream is constantly evolving, rising and falling, and changing course….”

Brand Sabotage and Counter Insurgency: 3 Steps Forward
21 May 2020

Many leaders react to outside threats to their brand (dissatisfied customers, cantankerous critics, unruly competitors, etc.), while ignoring internal risks that could be even more damaging. However, individuals within the company who may not intend to do harm, may inflict as much or even more damage to your brand.