Branding, Strategy / 06 Oct 2020
Have you wrung out your brand lately?
wringing out

How long has it been since you gave your company’s brand a real wringing out? Maybe you’ve been operating under the same brand for years without giving it much consideration. Maybe your company’s brand has been passed by in light of all the changes going on within your industry. Maybe your brand needs to be repositioned and rebranded.

A clear corporate brand provides focus for new business, direction, and organizational support. If you understand who and what you are, a clear corporate brand will provide discipline for the company’s new business accrual program as well as define which prospects to go after and which ones to avoid. A clear brand attracts prospects and aids in obtaining new business because it does the following:

  • Shows what you stand for
  • Demonstrates your view of what’s important
  • Provides a focal point for all your new business activities
  • Defines a corporate graphics package
  • Guides corporate decor
  • Directs website functionality and design

This process will open up an entirely new language for your company’s brand. A whole new enthusiasm will be unleashed when everyone at the firm understands the brand, wears it proudly, supports it fully, and helps to build it.

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