brand planning for ACTC

Strategic Market & Brand Planning

  • Marketing Plans
  • research
  • surveying
  • competitive analysis
  • evaluations
  • focus groups
  • messaging
  • tracking

Hornsby Brand Design offers an arsenal of creative and strategic solutions that are specifically geared toward jumping over the competition. We’ll help you get laser-focused and position your master plan toward your specific strategic brand objectives. Our significant experience and skill allow us to provide a unique approach for all of our clients’ projects based on three driving principles:

Research – Gather the most relevant information and best practices

Evaluate – Interpret and create strategic meaning

Plan – Develop and recommend implementation

Our straightforward model provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of our marketing plans. We evaluate our clients’ strengths and weaknesses in addition to favorable business opportunities and threats. Once this is completed, we will determine whether the information indicates something that will assist our clients in accomplishing their objectives or if it indicates an obstacle that must be overcome or minimized to achieve the desired results.

Bottom-line? We develop impactful plans by collecting meaningful and relevant data, providing leadership and direction, and developing strategies that engage worldwide participation. Our solutions incorporate a clear sense of purpose, timeframe, an implementation budget, and a means for measuring the initiative’s progress. We give brands traction in the marketplace.