brand building

Our Brand Building Process

We create strong and profitable relationships between good companies and their consumers.

In considering every touch point, we always start with entertaining the “impossibilities” as well as the “possibilities.” Keeping purpose, target markets, the message, and venue at the forefront of thought…we always work with intense focus. Charisma of the message and content is foremost as this offers a clear competitive stance. When delivered through a proficiency and dedication of aesthetics—the language of feeling—you’ve got “wow-power.” In a society that is information-rich and time-poor, people value “feeling” more than information. We deliver both.

We exercises FIVE disciplines in the creative process:

  1. Differentiation: Our brains filter out irrelevant information, letting in only what’s different and useful. While features, benefits, and prices are still important to people, experience and personal identity are even more important. This can only happen if you stand out from the clutter.
  2. Collaboration: Like the cathedral builders of yesterday, it takes a team of specialized craftsmen to build a charismatic message, content, and the accompanying deliverables. Working closely with our clients and our expert team, we collaborate—share ideas and coordinate efforts—across the entire creative and technical network throughout the entire project.
  3. Innovation: It’s design that ignites passion in people, and the magic behind better design and better business is innovation. So, how do you know when an idea is innovative? When it scares you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; just find a fresh approach. It’s our experience that the audience rewards gutsy moves. Innovation should be aimed at creating a positive experience for the end user. If it’s not innovative, it’s not magic.
  4. Validation: Sender. Message. Receiver. Sender. Creating content and producing the elements of content transmitters (websites, ads, brochures, e-mail marketing, etc.) without a dialog between parties is archaic and economic suicide. Content needs validation. Testing and research turns a wild guess into an educated one and gives collaborators the information and confidence to proceed.
  5. Cultivation: A business or organization is not an entity but a living organism. If successful, it grows and adapts to its changing environment…cultivation. It sacrifices the mundane in favor of the exciting. The message lives, breathes, and is humanized. It’s cultivated through process, growth, and change.