graphic design

Graphic Design

  • collateral
  • packaging
  • environmental
  • print/digital
  • corporate identity
  • websites
  • ads
  • billboards

It’s great design, not strategy that ignites passion in people. Simply put, design is thinking made visual. And the magic behind better design and better business thinking is innovation. Innovation, among other things, requires creative graphic design, in order to solve the business challenge and communicate the solution effectively. This is a multifaceted process.

Corporate graphic design makes up the visual identity of a brand. This visual identity is made up of specific elements like the brand’s logo, design layout, color palette, and font choices, photographic and illustrative styles, and more. This process is very involved and can be quite complicated to apply to social media graphics, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, email marketing templates, content marketing, publication design, environmental graphics (architectural signage, road signs, event spaces, wall murals, way finding signage, etc.), packaging, motion (graphic design in motion includes animation, film effects, website features, etc.), website development, and more.

Building a coherent brand delivers confidence. The physical appearance of your presentation conveys your level of expertise, talent, and quality. A coherent system of communication saves time (and, by extension, money) and allows you to be prepared at every point in the sales cycle, from introduction to first meeting to client communications. Perhaps most importantly, coherent graphic design sends this critical message: “We have our act together.”