Identity for Finish Point

Corporate Identity

  • logo development
  • brand identity style guides
  • stationery packages
  • interior/exterior signage
  • interior design
  • package design
  • swag

A corporate identity is typically the manner in which a corporation presents itself to the public. It usually includes things like product design, advertising, public relations etc. Its primary goal is to maintain and build the identity in order to facilitate the corporation’s business objectives.

While all of this is true, when we use the term here we are specifically referring to the logo, in all its forms, and supporting materials commonly assembled within a set of corporate guidelines. These guidelines govern how the identity is applied and usually include approved color palettes, typefaces, page layouts, fonts, tagline(s), stationery, uniform design, a photographic style, and more.

We specialize in creating corporate logos (visual icons that represent a corporation’s brand) that are instantly recognizable and remembered by the public. Our work ensures that a consistent look and feel is experienced throughout all communication touch-points, putting our clients in the strongest possible position to influence how their brand is interpreted by their customers. By providing a strong corporate identity, we help increase the level of control and impact our clients have over their important brand message and image.