Campaign for KAT

Brand Campaign Development

  • Marketing Plans
  • Taglines
  • Positioning Statements
  • Creative Execution
  • Distribution
  • Research Reporting
  • Brand Design
  • Motion

Campaigns that are united in purpose and theme, but multiplicit in delivery and venue, get the job done more effectively. They offer the best return on investment when targeting and expanding the mindshare of your customer base, thereby making your brand sweet and able to stick in your customer’s gut.

We BUILD brands by answering four fundamental questions:

  1. Who are the high-priority constituents to whom the brand must appeal? We prioritize the key target audiences and uncover the most compelling brand behaviors and benefits that drive reputational change.
  2. What is the single-minded, value proposition that’s going to compel these high-priority audiences? We identify the most distinctive and relevant drivers of desired perceptual changes.
  3. Why should these high-priority target constituents believe? We isolate the most motivating proof points to substantiate key drivers and then form a powerful communications platform.
  4. How do we bring the brand to life? We will create strategy-driven, brand architectural structure in tandem with the verbal and visual expressions of this structure.

This process is always highly interactive. We always ensure that our client and its key stakeholders benefit from expert opinion and have visibility and input throughout this process.